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Roof mounted enclosure cooler

Bentley panel coolers are produced with various capacities and in two roof models and wall models, and one of the two models is selected according to the conditions of the panels and the needs of industries. The ceiling switchboard cooler is specially designed and produced to be installed on the switchboard ceiling and is installed on the ceiling of switchboards and other boxes by means of a template.
Bentley gas coolers are designed exclusively for cooling electrical panels, telecommunications, industrial systems and servers.

The panel cooler absorbs the moisture present in the air of the panel at the same time as it performs the cooling operation and immediately expels it from the system by performing the evaporation operation, as a result, it causes the electrical panels of the production lines to operate in very favorable conditions, which in practice, in addition to increasing the length The life of parts and equipment of electrical panels prevents the stoppage of production lines due to accidental failures and increases the efficiency of the relevant system.

By preventing the future increase of the temperature inside the electrical panel due to the heat of the environment and the heat produced by the electrical equipment, the Bentley switchboard cooler prevents breakdowns and stoppages of production lines and fires in the switchboards and provides the best possible conditions for the continuation of the operation of the production lines. They are building.

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